Upcoming Commissioned Projects

2023:Symphony Basquiat by Kevin Day 

Past Commissioned Projects

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  • 2019

    Songs of the Silent Land by Michael Daugherty
    Sweet Chariot by Carlos Simon
    Symphony No. 2 by James Syler
    Tuba Concerto by Viet Cuong

  • 2018

    Cabinet of Curiosities by Matt Browne
    Come Sunday by Omar Thomas
    Double Concerto by Carter Pann
    El Barrio by Marlon Caro

    Solace Saxophone Concerto by Joel Love
    Their Eyes are Fireflies by David Biendenbender 

  • 2017

    Concerto of Colours by Stephen Goss
    Ondine’s Epilogue by Andy Akiho
    Symphony No. 6 by Dan Welcher

  • 2016

    Ancient Echoes by Zhou Long
    High Songs Concerto for Cello and Wind Ensemble by Carter Pann
    Love Among the Ruins Viola Concerto by James Syler
    Nekudim Clarinet Concerto by Jonathan Leshnoff

  • Prior Years

    2014- 15th Night of the Moon by Joel Puckett
    2009- Ecstatic Waters by Steven Bryant